22 Nov 2009

Weekly Update: 11/22/2009

In my last post, A Difficult Week and a Change of Course, I mentioned that

22 Nov 2009
At Broadway

This is me. Right now. In your face. Deal with it.

In my last post, A Difficult Week and a Change of Course, I mentioned that we have been dealing with a bit of discouragement lately.

We’re approaching the end of the “Year of Brainroot“, yet all we’ve managed to shoot are two shorts that are (as of yet) unfinished.  The business is going, for now, but is still run out of our dining room.   Brainroot‘s biggest accomplishment appears to be that it’s still alive.  Is that success?  For many small business owners, it might be.  For us . . . well, we are thankful, no doubt, but that five year Hollywood clock is ticking (tick) (tick) (tick).

So, where do we go from here?  What will mark Brainroot‘s second year in existence?  What can you, the dear reader, except to see next season?  The same old thing?  New characters?  Will Fox drop us mid-season?  Well, let me tell you:

We have an announcement.  A big announcement.  Perhaps the biggest all year.  Get excited, this is huge:

The Big Announcement

Not me.  Deal with it.

Not me. Deal with it.

We’re making another movie.  Yes, that’s right.  The next feature.  When? Next spring/summer.  What? Well, details are still coming together, but the forerunner is a comic morality tale about financial foul play.  It’s adapted by a from a stage play written in 1909.  Most likely it will take place in a more recent decade, but that depends on a few things.  How? Well, this is where it gets tricky.  I mentioned in my last post that we can’t bear any more no-budget filmmaking.  That means we need money.  How much and from where is still up in the air, but this will be a business venture, not a passion project.

But that’s not all!  There is another big announcement.  Maybe the second biggest all year.   Get excited again:

The Other Big Announcement

We’re going legit.  Brainroot is in serious talks about finding a more permanent home for the business.  We may not be totally ready, nor can we totally afford it, but we can’t take the next step as a company until we have a place to be a company.  We’d like to keep the location quiet until it becomes official, but it should be pretty cool.

Signing the lease will be terrifying, though.  Too soon?  Too risky?  Let us know what you think . . .

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