06 Dec 2009

Weekly Update 12/06/2009

A very good weekend. On the left you see a picture of Chris and myself

06 Dec 2009
On Set of 'Secrets' (photo: Molly Montgomery)

On Set of 'Secrets' (photo: M. Montgomery)

A very good weekend.

On the left you see a picture of Chris and myself looking knowledgeable and helpful on the set of ‘Secrets’, a short film directed by a fellow IFC chap named Matt Connolly.  We were collectively filling the role of DP.   It was a fun group and a relatively headache-free shoot (not counting a mysteriously elusive prop Rolex).

Always good to stay involved and keep your production skills honed.  You never know what new challenges you might encounter that will help you be a better producer.

We were also involved in a premier event for ‘Let’s Make a Movie‘, a great after-school program for at-risk youth in the K.C. area.  It was started by Eric Keith  David Huffman of Red Echo Group as a way to get kids off the street and behind a camera.  Our job was to interview kids as they walked the red carpet as if we were the paparazzi.  It was really great to hear their stories and be a part of the evening.

The rest of the week was spent taking a few steps closer to a new home for Brainroot and working on a few creative projects which will hopefully roll out in the next week or so.

On the movie front:  Scene one of the script is complete!  To be more accurate, a draft of something resembling scene one is complete.  Nevertheless, it represents a major hurdle which is now out of the way.  As the script comes together we’ll be working on a tentative budget and business plan.   Oh yes, this is for real.

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