31 Jan 2010

Weekly Update: 01/31/2010

So what the heck have I been up to? Simply seeking the Runes of Power.

31 Jan 2010

So what the heck have I been up to? Simply seeking the Runes of Power. That’s all.

The majority of my fairly fractured time over these last few weeks has been spent rehashing the Brainroot pro site. A lot of 12-16 hour days sitting in front of my computer monitor (which, thanks to my family+Christmas is luckily a sweet Samsung 2333HD 23″ LCD, a highly recommendable monitor since it has HDMI and component inputs and can therefore be used on shoots as an HD monitor, which are very important to have. . .end parenthesis)

Right, anyways, I’ve been working pretty whole-heartedly on updating the professional (web)face of Brainroot Light and Sound, LLC. I built the last webpage, which is up currently, back in ’08 and it’s fairly not good. Mainly it’s the copy that needs to change, but there’s a lot of graphical stuff I’m rehasing, and ALL of the back-end code was very poorly built. If you’ll allow me to switch to my native tongue of Sarcasm I’ll say, “Exciting. I know.” But it’s something that must be done. And you will benefit from it.

The point of this blog is movie making. The subtitle of this blog is “the lives and times of indie movie makers” and right now our indie movie maker lives are in hard times. Don’t think we’re not awares of the lack of creative production flowing forth from our hands. Don’t think that I’m not aware of the hypocrisy that our current state of production, coupled with my last post’s fervent statements “talk is cheap!” and “talk is bologna!” makes me nearly guilty of. But we don’t have a 9-5 that supplies a reliable, budget-ible, savable stream of income that we can put towards makin’ da movies. Every dollar we earn, we earn. And right now, we need to earn.

So I’m sorry, but at current all we have in the fridge is bologna. It doesn’t fill us with joy either. Just don’t be under any illusion that we think the bologna sandwiches we serve up are tasty homemade pizzas. We do know how to cook. Quite well. We just need to be able to afford proper ingredients. Stick with us.

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