Our Services

Our Services

We make videos. Especially videos for the web.

You can see our samples at the top of the page, or check out our short reel right here.

web video

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The main service that we provide to our clients is producing video for the web. Most of the time this means producing some short promo videos that they can place on their website. We help clients by producing a body of short, engaging, and informative content that allows their web visitors to learn about their company or organization. Web video is our glutten-free bread and non-diary spread. We’re quite good at it, and have a lot to say on it.


video production

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Aside from web video, we also provide those video production services that normally come to mind when you think of “video production.” These sorts of projects are more time-intensive and costly for the amount of content that is produced. Because of this, it’s often not the most effective for clients, so we don’t push it that much. But we still love to do it! If you have a large event or campaign coming up that requires some very high-gloss video elements, we’d love to fill that need.


video encoding

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“It’s best as an H.264 wrapped in a MP4 container with square aspect ratio at a progressive 23.976fps with lossless 48kHz 16-bit audio.” …We might as well have left the Latin filler up, right?

As the world of digital video has progressed, the lexicon of the homo videre (video man) has becoming increasingly unwelcoming. If you’re trying to navigate through, we’re happy to help.


(quasi-) consulting

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What we’ve come across on a few occasions is that larger organizations want to move their web video creation in-house to their Communications or Marketing departments. In these situations, we come in and present a few training sessions with your staff and work to make sure that everything is set up as best it can be. This way your staff – who don’t normally deal with video – can move forward with some solid knowledge instead of spending the first month researching and trying to learn everything on top of their pre-existing responsibilities.