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We love to share our stories with all ranges of groups.

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Our Presentations

“Your Fellow Americans” Workshop

We’ve developed a powerful screening & discussion model that breaks up a 60- or 90-minute lecture block into three guided discussion times. Participants will respond to questions posed by the videos (which you can help curate if you wish).

During the first response time, we’ll share our own reactions from our production of the videos and then ask the audience to share their thoughts with us. During the second response time we’ll ask the audience to respond to the video first by speaking to us, and then by discussing in small groups of 6-10. During the third response time, we’ll have the participants go directly into small group conversation. We’ll end the workshop by getting feedback from each table and restating the major themes of the day.

Students develop empathy and an understanding of their own cultural biases

Empathy; identity; racism; immigration; unconscious bias; family dynamics; priviledge; opportunity; self-determination

“We Are Superman” Screening + Q&A

This is a strong, engaging screening + Q&A that fits in a 90-minute block. After a brief introduction by the filmmaker(s), the film runs for 73-minutes. The remaining 15-minutes (and however long afterwards audience members can remain) is always filled with Q&A. Always.

Social justice; by-stander intervention; community building; segregation; racism; payday loans; racism

Give the People What they Want!: Leading by Knowing your Audience

Filmmaker & producer Christopher Cook delivers this eye-opening keynote that fits in a 50-minute block. After revealing his own experiences as a filmmaker, employer, and project leader, Christopher goes through the common failures and successes that can occur when a leader (whether in class, on campus, or in a company) doesn’t take time to learn about their audience.

Leadership; empathy; entertainment; self-knowledge

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