02 Jun 2009

Indiscriminate Blasphemy of the Utmost Proportions

So who are we and why should you care? Well the more philosophical and ideological

02 Jun 2009

So who are we and why should you care? Well the more philosophical and ideological details about our individual and collective personalities seems best left to the “About” page, but the primary piece of intriguing information is the fact that there are fairly few folks who do what we do do it the way we do it.

We’ve been producing videos for the better part of this millennium and it was really only a short time ago that we decided to be serious about it. We decided that our stories would be compelling and emotionally convicting. We decided that our sets would be painted with light so controlled that there wouldn’t be a shadow that wasn’t in perfect contrast with a focus-worthy object. Our costumes would either be utterly unnoticeable or capable of engulfing your attention. Our videos would be so well received that we’d be able to work on another feature within a year, this time with a budget…and a sane time frame.

It was a bad decision.

To properly convey why it was a bad decision it seems necessary to share the past that shaped our present. We’ve been making movies for a long time. For many years our troupe was called Centaurus Media Group and under that guise we made Redshift during our high school years and many others throughout our college years (along with a few TV episodes). Many…perhaps most, were not good. In the summer of ’08 the three of us (yes, CMG was a group of three, and a bitter parting cast it asunder) rushed together to give our hands another try at a long-form movie. Many things went incredibly well considering we shot it in two-weeks and planned it in one. Other things did not (like the dissolution of CMG).

The point? The point is that we have a history of tenacious production…but not a present state of being. We have been nearly a year without making a video and it has been a long one. We have claimed the title ‘Video Guys’ and formed a production company and talked of many a witty plot and critiqued many videos made by others but we ourselves have not created.

So ideals be damned. ‘Tis better to crassly create than wither and wait.

But you, for now, must wait. You have no choice in the matter and please don’t pretend like you do because you’ve read through the whole of this post and so you’re obviously interested. I’m confident in saying that you will find us surprisingly good and confusingly bad as many different points, and my only hope is that it’s not within the same video.

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