22 Jul 2009

Our film wins numerous awards, mostly imaginary; including best stew.

Film Festivals are fun.  You get to wear a badge.  You get to rub shoulders

22 Jul 2009

Film Festivals are fun.  You get to wear a badge.  You get to rub shoulders with the stars.  Literally.  David Proval bumped into me when I didn’t move fast enough.

The Iowa Independent Film Festival takes place in Clear Lake, a small yet charming town in north central Iowa.

We arrived Friday and spent most of the day arranging our campsite.  On Saturday we watched a few films and made a fiery stew:

That stew was fiery.

A Fiery Stew

Later that night we went to an awards ceremony.  Our film didn’t win anything, so we stole some free chocolates and went to go drink rum (Chris) and whiskey (me) in the park.

On Sunday we rallied and attending our film’s showing.  It was noon on a Sunday, so I didn’t expect anyone to be there.  My spirits rose a little when I saw David Provall and Randal Kleiser in the audience, but I heard them tell the MC they were not staying for our film.

When the lights came up they were still there.  In fact,  their whole entourage came over to tell us how much they enjoyed the film.   It was not perfect, but engaging enough to keep them there when they had other plans.  Mr. Kleiser even requested a copy.

We also got a free pizza from the owner of a local Breadeaux franchise.  Canadian bacon and sausage.

And so we left Clear Lake a little less hungry and a little more hopeful about the future then when we came.  Now all we need is another good idea . . .

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