07 Mar 2010

Weekly Update(s) 03/07/2010

My computer died last Tuesday. There’s an update for ya. I still don’t really know

07 Mar 2010

My computer died last Tuesday. There’s an update for ya. I still don’t really know what happened, but something somewhere shorted out and it put the whole following week into a bit of a fritz. It was okay though, the hard drives are all fine, it’s just something in the motherboard that’s mad at the world. In honesty, it was time. It was a bit old, and it had served me well over many, many, many long hours. So while waiting for the new parts to arrive, I spent a lot of time just searching through internet databases doing market research. We did some budgeting and projections. We’ve just been working on a lot of the little things that a proper business needs to do properly. It’s been good and worthwhile, just relatively unblogable.

This blog has so far been mainly us writing about creative endeavors or thoughts on creative processes, but the last few months have primarily seen us working to progress the business of Brainroot. This isn’t as exciting to talk about as movies. But it is at some points interesting. I’m going be talking about the business at more points from this point forward. I’d say “we,” but I haven’t actually talked to Paul about this possible content amalgamation. I think he’s probably been thinking about it himself. If not, I’ll just come back in here delete these few sentences, because it’s the internet and it’s ephemeral and I can do that so Nah. But, yes, Business! Not always, don’t fear, just at points.

We’re going to India. There’s an update for ya. That’s on the business side. Got our shots on Friday so that we hopefully don’t die while over there…cause then we couldn’t do the work we’re to do, which is to document World Water Day with Water.org. They’re a really great organization and we’re really happy that we’ve been able to work with them…and that they’re taking us to India.

While that’s big and exciting, it’s the only really exciting thing coming up. So for now, that’s all I’ll update you on. Now, if you’ll excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I need to stretch because there’s hoops we need to jump through.

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