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I’m slowly falling into a habit of having half-quasi-semi summer internships. Continuing in that tradition, Thomas Leonard, a senior at Mizzou, is spending some time in the office this summer in order to develop some NPR-inspired story telling skills. Continuing in the more-established traditions of “Do!” I just kicked him out the door on his first day – May 31st – with a microphone and recorder telling him to make piece about Memorial Day since it was just the day before.

It was his first ever attempt at both recording and at editing. I think he did an excellent job, even not considering it as a first-run. Take a listen and let us know what you think.


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  • Chris Chris says:

    That’s a good point, Katrina. The generational difference would probably change the opinion quite a bit. I’ll push Thomas to incorporate that on his next piece.

  • Avatar Katrina says:

    btdubs – love the music. Classy and appropriate.

  • Avatar Katrina says:

    Interesting assortment of people interviewed, but I was surprised you didn’t include any interviews with young people. As a second generation Filipino kid, Memorial Day was always weird to me because my family would go to the cemetery and have a big picnic. The first day of my first job was the start of the Memorial Day Sale at Macy’s in the Village.

    It makes me wonder how other young people view the Memorial Day experience.

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