Kansas City – Timelapse Tuesday
10 Apr 2013

Kansas City – Timelapse Tuesday

The second of 22 Timelapse Tuesday. Once again, the evening was over-crowded and the 1.5

10 Apr 2013

The second of 22 Timelapse Tuesday.

Once again, the evening was over-crowded and the 1.5 hours just wasn’t enough to get the post-production done. I don’t know why I thought it would be. But, it is live and it is posted. The purposed of this project is multifaceted. For the pieces themselves, the goal is to give people the opportunity to reflect on

a day in the middle of the week that often flies right by. Aside from being an enjoyable alliteration, Tuesdays work well in the piece because those 5 week days take up the most of our lives. If the only timelapses made are of singular, spectacular events, than it plays into the cancerous idea which can lodge itself in our brain – that our life is boring and insignificant. If we can take a moment, look up and out, we often find that life is pretty great and that all of the actions and days and happenings that brought us to this exact moment are pretty mind-blowing.

The reason to do a project in the first place is to just get back in the routine of consistent creative output. We just finished up a lot of work on We Are Superman about 6 weeks ago. A new project called Broke, Busted, and Disgusted has been very slow to gain momentum. So, in between these documentaries, it’s important to not let the muscles (mental or physical) atrophy. The more you do something, the easier it become. So this is intended to form a good habit of creative output. Too often I sit on a project because it isn’t turning out nearly as well as I feel it ought to, and then it never sees the lite of day.

Good, great, or regrettable, these Timelapse Tuesday videos will go live each week. Hopefully by the end, they will be consistently Great. Let me know how I’m doing.



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