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The Cigar: An Introduction

We just completed a short documentary about cigars. Take a few to watch! It’s an introduction to cigars and cigar smoking for first-time smokers and novices. Curt Diebel is a second-generation owner/operator of Diebel’s Sportsman Gallery in Kansas City, MO.

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Oddly Correct – Timelapse Tuesday

The third of 22 Timelapse Tuesdays. This one was spent with Mike Schroeder of Oddly Correct Coffee in Midtown, Kansas City. It was a fun production with a lot of beans and Mike talks about balancing the views romantic and practical views on roasting coffee.

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We Are Superman: Documentary Trailer

Finally, a solid trailer for the documentary that Kevin and Christopher have been working on since February of 2012. We Are Superman is a documentary film that takes a look at the historic socioeconomic and racial divide along Troost Avenue in Kansas City. The film explores the history of Troost, and chronicles

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Kansas City – Timelapse Tuesday

The second of 22 Timelapse Tuesday.

Once again, the evening was over-crowded and the 1.5 hours just wasn’t enough to get the post-production done. I don’t know why I thought it would be. But, it is live and it is posted. The purposed of this project is multifaceted. For the pieces themselves, the goal is to give people the opportunity to reflect on

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Stories from the intern: Memorial Days

I’m slowly falling into a habit of having half-quasi-semi summer internships. Continuing in that tradition, Thomas Leonard, a senior at Mizzou, is spending some time in the office this summer in order to develop some NPR-inspired story telling skills. Continuing in the more-established traditions of “Do!” I just kicked him out the door on his first day – May 31st – with a microphone and recorder telling him to make piece about Memorial Day since it was just the day before.

It was his first ever attempt at both recording and at editing. I think he did an excellent job, even not considering it as a first-run. Take a listen and let us know what you think.