Whether it’s a slow-burn or a fire to put out, we love to wordsmith, hammering out scripts that tell a clear and on-brand message.


Whether on a budget, or no-holds barred project, tackling the challenges of the VR video medium is well worth it to produce such immersive stories.


A wide scope and deep subject matter lets us dive into the details, unearthing facts and historical anecdotes that become the building blocks of powerful stories.

Video Editing

We litter the cutting room floor until the heart of the story rings true. Hours of raw material become bare minutes of captivating video.

Motion Graphics

Smooth-moving text and crisp infographics make an average video exceptional. These simple, stylish touches guide the viewer to the story’s center.

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Archival Media

Vintage. Archival. Historical. Call it what you want. It adds weight, context, and a unique feel to a project. We comb archives, search repositories, and scan memorable materials to make a project humm.



Dividing Lines: A History of Residential Segregation in Kansas City


Johnson County Library’s Race Project KC

Our Role

Full scope of work. Working with co-producer Nathaniel Bozarth, we handled the planning, writing, research, filming, editing, and motion graphics work.

We Delivered

A tour of the history of residential segregation and its far-reaching impacts, produced in three 360-video documentaries.