Sound Design

The rhythm of great music, the snap of fingers, and the sizzle of a steak. Filling in the world of the story with all the right sounds is what sets our projects above the rest.


Whether it’s a slow-burn or a fire to put out, we love to wordsmith, hammering out scripts that tell a clear and on-brand message.


Casting that perfect voice actor who will connect with the audience is crucial. We use our network of creatives to match the right voice with a video’s needs.


KC Digital History Tours


Jackson County Historical Society

Our Role

Production & Logistics. We assisted with script-writing and insured that these great historical stories would mesh with the self-guided audio tour technology. We sourced and contracted voice actors, handled all post-production, delivery, and tour implementation.

We Delivered

A set of three GPS-based audio tours set along the route of Kansas City’s downtown streetcar line.