Production Logistics

Crew, locations, cast, and scene all need to be perfectly aligned to make a single day of intense filming a success. We get the team in and out on time.


Whether it’s a slow-burn or a fire to put out, we love to wordsmith, hammering out scripts that tell a clear and on-brand message.


Casting that perfect voice actor who will connect with the audience is crucial. We use our network of creatives to match the right voice with a video’s needs.



Together We Win



Our Role

Full scope of work. We were handed a concept to emulate by the client, and took it from there to final delivery.

We Delivered

An evocative brand-launch video exploring the connections we share when we step outside of our boxes.

As ThinkShift was preparing to launch a long-term, nation-wide initiative focused on economic prosperity, they knew they needed a video that could convey how inclusive these economic issues are. They saw a video titled All That We Share and decided that they wanted to make their own version of it. That’s where Brainroot came in. We fully produced this video, and we’re proud of the finished product.


ThinkShift assisted in gathering some of the participants, and we hired on additional crew for day-of, but everything else was us (location scouting, set design, casting participants, directing, writing, editing, sound design). While the concept was derivative, we’re very proud of the final product.