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Stories from the intern: Memorial Days

I’m slowly falling into a habit of having half-quasi-semi summer internships. Continuing in that tradition, Thomas Leonard, a senior at Mizzou, is spending some time in the office this summer in order to develop some NPR-inspired story telling skills. Continuing in the more-established traditions of “Do!” I just kicked him out the door on his first day – May 31st – with a microphone and recorder telling him to make piece about Memorial Day since it was just the day before.

It was his first ever attempt at both recording and at editing. I think he did an excellent job, even not considering it as a first-run. Take a listen and let us know what you think.



I had an interesting time shooting a Prom for a Lee’s Summit high school Saturday night. It was on behalf of ProDJ KC, a local – and very good – DJ company here in town. Hopefully in a month or two they’ll be ready for me to edit it.

The Investor Coach

We just finished up a short series of five web-videos for Wealth Renovators, a Kansas City investment strategies business owned by Brendon Jenks (the investor coach). We were brought on to the project after meeting Ray Norris of ItsOKC, who is responsible for the great site that Wealth Renovators now has. It was a great project to work on with some great clients, and it’s an excellent example of web video. Check them out!

Far Reach Technologies

The Visual House and Brainroot teamed up once more this past week to create another animated video. This video highlights and explains the services of a technology company based in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Video is More Engaging!

We finally uploaded and are showing off the video that we shot last September at the Filling Station over by 31st and Gilliam. We all think it turned out very well. Please take a look and let us know if you like it! Thanks!

CloudClick – Promo Video

Just finished a promotional sales video for the local Kansas City company that is developing mobile chat add-on solutions for the fast-growing LivePerson online chat platform. Check it out.