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Wide Ruled – Ep. 003 : Racism and the IQ Test

Illustration of how placement of school pupils into classes changed after widespread use of IQ tests, from cover of April 1922 American School Board Journal.

April 1922 cover of American School Board Journal.


The IQ test wasn’t born out of benign motivation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that much has been done to prevent it from doing further harm. Lashauna Guy gives an account of how the IQ test was meant to be an instrument of inhibition in her life and how she has overcome.







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Wide Ruled – Ep. 002: Don’t go Loco, go Local

Katie Boody and Aditya Voleti of the Lean Labdescription:

The recent appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education has caused a spike in interest and activism regarding the federal Department of Education. Katie Boody and Aditya Voleti of the Lean Lab are hopeful that this newfound enthusiasm will translate into local action. They offer some recommendations for what you can do to engage with education in your neighborhood.

 selected resources:


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